British Esports and RUCKUS Networks Join Forces!

The British Esports Federation and RUCKUS Networks are working together to make the National Esports Performance Campus in Sunderland, UK, even better. Come on, let’s get into the fun details of this partnership!

British Esports vision: Better connectivity on campus

As the Preferred Networking Provider, RUCKUS Networks will work its magic to make sure that everyone on campus has access to the best technology for connecting to the internet. Imagine being able to play your favorite e-sports games on the internet that is lightning fast and safe.

Paying for Fun

We didn’t just decide to work together out of the blue. British Esports won a share of the £5.7 million prize pool from the UK government’s Open Networks Ecosystem Competition in September of last year. This treasure chest will improve the 4G and 5G links at both the National Esports Performance Campus and the Stadium of Light football field.

RUCKUS Networks Comes to the Rescue

You may ask, “Why RUCKUS Networks?” Well, they know how to make sure that the campus’s e-sports networks are lightning fast and safe. It’s about having the best speed and safety for all your gaming!

Take a look at the National Esports Performance Campus.

If you want to know what’s going on in British Esports, go to the National Esports Performance Campus. This 45,000-square-foot paradise in Sunderland has classrooms, offices, and rooms just for gaming. It’s the perfect place for people who want to become TOGELASIABET e-sports stars.

Lots of upgrades

The school has been getting cool new features to help train the next big names in UK e-sports. British Esports told everyone in March 2023 about their plans to grow. Imagine a place where you can stay and make content all in one place! It’s like living, learning, and making things in a video game heaven.

What does RUCKUS Networks do?

RUCKUS Networks is a great company that helps people meet. This company was started in 2004 in the United States. Their job is to make sure that your internet link is as strong as Avatar. Also, guess what? One of CommScope’s names is RUCKUS, which makes the hardware and software that those very fast networks need.

E-sports in Britain: The Game-Changer

The British Esports Federation was founded in 2016 and holds a lot of power. What is their job? To find and train the next big names in e-sports, both in the UK and around the world. They’re not just about playing games; with Pearson, a big school company, they’ve made special classes like the Higher Nationals in Esports. Esports kids who take these classes have a better chance of getting cool jobs because they are like quick ways to get a degree.

Ending It All

There you have it: the exciting relationship between RUCKUS Networks and British Esports. With British Esports training the next big e-sports stars and RUCKUS bringing their tech magic to the National Esports Performance Campus, it’s going to be the best place to play games ever. Are you ready for some intense gaming? This powerful pair has it coming. It’s not just a campus; it’s a huge video game world ready to happen!